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Told to me by my mother in Turkish on 5/27/84.


                                               AGES OF MAN


Age              saying                                                   Age                   saying

       Turkish words                                                             English translation

ON,                 boul boul                                          Ten,            active like a new born fledgling bird

YIRMI,            yeyit                                                Twenty,       come to majority

OTOUZ,          aslan                                                 Thirty,         filled out frame to the peak of strength

KIRK,             kaplan                                                Forty,          slowed down and considerate

ELLIE,            akel                                                   Fifty,            brain

ALTMUSH,     fikir                                                   Sixty,           thoughtful meditating

YETMISH,      salir                                                   Seventy,       deaf

SEXAN,          silir                                                    Eighty,          quiet

DOXSAN,       tavik                                                  Ninety,          chicken

YOUZ,            youmurta                                           One hundred,  egg


KOF TOUVALA,                                             PUT IN A SACK,

VOUR TOUVARLA;                                        SMASH AGAINST THE WALL.





















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