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Salonika History 3000 BC-1912

3000 BC Neolithic times

Settlements in the region - Ano Toumba

Low solitary hill rising from a plain higher up village of Panorama

5 C BC Classical age- Therme=Thebes of Thermaikos

Prior to modern Thessalonke - settlement

Prior to Philip and Alexander

315 BC Kassandros, general of Alexander, King of Macedonia founds city

Named after his wife (half-sister of Alexander the Great & Konamos

& peninsula of Kassandreia with ancient town of Potidaca a base

Settlement for Kassandria

168 BC Romans defeat Perseus (King of Macedonia)

Thessalonika - capital of 4th part of Macedonia

58 BC Cicero lives in Thessalonika as an exile in the chief city of Roman province

Of Macedonia.

49-52 AD Thessalonika residence of Roman Procouncil

Saint Paul establishes Christian Church

Letter to Thessalonians from Corinth.

300 AD Galerius Governor

303 AD Saint Demetrious Martyred

392 AD Theodosius governor riots, murder gov. Germanic Goths slaughter Thessalonians in Hippodrome

1912-1917 Malaria follow occupation by British and French troops = (Venizelos) and

Constantine (German &Turks)

Antiqities carried off to Louvre and British Museum



There are two unpublished manuscripts in my posession which detail a number of event. These manuscripts or excerpts from them will be posted as time permits.

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