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I have a list of the residents of the village who were the leaders and educators which will be posted at a later date.

Mr. Techtenides, educator in the village school.
Author of a series of essays in an un-published manuscript. Excerpts from his manuscript will be posted shortly. 

We are indebted to Mr. George Anastasion for this picture.



Permata 11/20/1919

Executive Committee of

The Educational Establishment of

The Community of Permaton

Province of Iconion

To the Honorable Executive Council

of the American Philoptochos and the Educational Brotherhood of Permata In New Haven

Honorable, Fellow Countrymen;

We deem it our sacred duty to express to you our warm thanks for your kind assistance, in the amount of $3000. Dollars to our patriotes who are having difficult economic problems.

Tears of indescribable emotional joy filled our eyes because,after so many trials and tribulations which befell our Community during the war. The sacrifices of our children either due to severe illness (The Grippe) or due to them being drafted into the army. We felt that, though so far away, you understood and felt our problems and with your kind consolations and assistances you eased the pain of our rescued brothers.

According to the special report of our countryman, Peter Prodromidis, who is the representative of the American Committee, "Mishuit", in Iconiom, which he supervised in our presence, the distribution of the American contributions.

The distribution of funds we made, we feel, equatably and impartially.

Having in mind your generour and patriotic feelings, we wish to report to you the following:

Knowing full well that the progress and uplifting of our community can be effected by the regular and unobstructed operation of our schools, for the present school year we have employed a teaching staff consisting of seven men and women teachers. With a prelimnary budget of 3000 Turkish Lira, due to the economic pressures of our community treasury we will be obliged to present a deficit.

Therefore, we beg of you to again show your interest to our Community by offering some material and moral assistance. The students who are attending our schools will be ever grateful to you.

Our thanks and kisses to our patriotes.

We close with love and high esteem.

Permata 11/20/1919

The Eforodemogerontes (The superintendents)

Economos Papamicael

Aristidis Nicolaidis

Anastas H. Yiazitzoglou

Potos A. Makkaptszoglou

Leontios H. Tzazoglou

S. Tsohatzidis

Filippos M. Ketzetzoglou

Avraam Kotzapasoglou  


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