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The village is located at the foot of the Sultan Dag mountain range, east of Ismir. It is 5 kilometers east of the major city of Akshehir just off the main road to the very metropolitan city of Konya. Bermata is now called "Savas koyu" by the Turks.
An excellent map that shows both the cities of Akshehir and Konya is at the following URL

The following is a copy of a letter written in English by George P. Prodromides, and sent from Athens, Greece to his cousin Kiriakos Prodromides (Prodis). It is dated January 5, 1902.

It is presented here, with minor editing by Kiriakos Prodis, who presented it to his cousin Matthew Theofelos Jenetopulos for the Bermata Archives.

"The village of Bermata is situated on the northwestern of Ikonion in Asia Minor, near Akshehir. It is built at the foot of the mountains of Sultan Dag on a high place, surrounded by hills covered all over by oaks and pine trees. Between these hills there stretches out a beautiful valley which divides the village into two parts; the right and the left bank, the first part is occupied by the Turks, and the left by the Greeks. It has plenty of cold and pure water and every spring the grass is found abundantly and its air is very pure and beneficent to human health.

The name of the village, is a contraction of a Greek word which means passage and has taken this name from the following historical event. When Cyrus was going to Persia (404-401BC) with his army composed of hired Greeks and barbarians he spent three days is this place and according to Xenophon there was there an inhabited and wealthy city. Here the Celecian queen asked of Cyrus to show her his army."


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